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Since morphine was isolated by Friedrich Serturner in 1804, a number of natural compounds possessing a broad and expanding range of biological, pharmacological, and medicinal properties, have found clinical, agricultural, and commercial uses. This year, the importance of the development of natural products in health care was recognized through the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Dr. Satoshi Omura and Dr. William C. Campbell for their discovery of a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites and to Dr. Youyou Tu for her discovery of artemisinin against malaria. The isolation and structure elucidation, total synthesis, and biosynthesis, as well as the metabolomics and pharmacogenomic implications of natural products are endless, and continued essential research is necessary for enhancing the health and the social and economic welfare of the global population.

At the same time, reducing the environmental impact of our lives has become a global mantra. Consequently, the role of organic chemistry, including natural products, in the evolving practices of green chemistry are now strongly recommended to reduce the consumption of energy and of organic solvents as resources are being depleted.

Meanwhile, a number of flora and fauna are definitively disappearing or nearing extinction on the planet each year, as the rainforests in Southeast Asia, Central Africa, and the Amazon, are burned and cleared for planting and grazing, without their potential being assessed.

The International Symposium on Natural Products for the Future 2016 (ISNPF2016) is about future thinking regarding natural products; it is NOT about past research. During this Symposium, we will bring together our novel chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural ideas for the future application and development of natural products against a number of social and environmental problems of our aging society and consider what is needed to potentiate the sciences and technologies that comprise and impact natural products for the next ten to twenty years. Succinctly, the question is being asked “Where are we going and for whose benefit?”

The Symposium will include opening, plenary, and invited lectures, oral presentations, poster sessions, and social activities. The papers presented in ISNPF2016 will be published in the international journal Natural Product Communications as a special issue after review and editing by the organizers and reviewers. The speakers and presenters listed will provide impactful and stimulating inspiration to young (and old !) natural product researchers as to the future evolution in the science, technology, and relevance of contemporary, sustainable natural product research, and will encourage consideration of the essential role of natural products in society for the future. At the same time, we strongly encourage young scientists, through oral presentations and posters, to present their ideas and concerns for the future development of natural products.

We look forward to welcoming you here to share, to learn, to debate new and old ideas, and to make ISNPF2016, a worthwhile experience and a great success.

We hope that you, along with many other international and local participants, will enjoy an excellent Tokushima experience on our campus with the planned social events and excursions.

Chairpersons - Prof. Dr. DHC Yoshinori Asakawa
President - Phytochemical Society of Asia

Dr. Pawan K. Agrawal
Editor-in-Chief - Natural Product Communications


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